Hearings schedule

Every Friday during hearings the Inquiry will publish a table containing the schedule for the following week's proceedings.

Hearings will normally run Tuesday to Friday, from 10am till around 4pm. There will be morning and afternoon sessions with a break for lunch.

Please note that although we will always publish the most up-to-date information, the schedule is subject to change.


Closing submissions

Oral submissions

Oral submissions from core participants on hearings 1 and 3 (events at Hayfield Road on 03 May 2015, and cause of death)

Week 1

Hearing 2

Week 4

Hearing 2a

Week 3

Hearing block 2a

This is hearing block 2a.

Week 1

Hearing 2a - Week 1

Tuesday 31/01Wednesday 01/02Thursday 02/02Friday 03/02


Kadijartu Johnson


DC Andrew Mitchell

DC Wayne Parker


DI Colin Robson

Alistair Lewis


Martyn Dick

DC David Bellingham

Hearing schedule archive

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Hearing 3

Cause of death

Week 1

Miserable Music submissions